K. Hovnanian Homes | Case Study

Two of the industries that have suffered the most in the last 24 months have been Real Estate and Banking . . .which is why this case study for K. Hovnanian Homes is so powerful.

At the end of 2008, just as the recession was getting into full swing, the executive team made some strategic decisions that have paid off handsomely:

  • The marketing budget would not be cut
  • Print advertising in newspapers and magazines would be eliminated or scaled back
  • Radio spots would be scaled back
  • The funds freed up would be applied to out of home advertising such as billboards and on-site signage at new developments

The results have been dramatic.  Despite a difficult economy and brutal business environment for real estate developers, K. Hovnanian Homes saw an increase in year over year sales during 2009, and that trend has continued into 2010.  
As one of the leading large format printing suppliers for the real estate industry, we can tell you that most companies have not embraced this counter intuitive philosophy and have paid the price for it.