The Blooming Idea | Case Study

When we met The Blooming Idea Florists at a local Chamber event, we were excited about the prospect of helping a new business develop and grow.  We schedule a meeting at their shop to see what we would be able to do for them.

Evidently not much!

They had a really nice, simple and elegant website with a blog, Facebook page, and a nice Google Adwords campaign going on.  There was no need for radio ads, because all of their business was focused in a very local area.

Oddly, there was not much we could help them with in the way of signage, because the location they were at had very strict rules about signage viewable from the street.  So, no on premise sign, no window graphics etc.

The vehicle they made deliveries already had graphics on it . . . and though she was not happy with them (they were beginning to fade) she was not ready to replace them because she was considering selling the van and getting a new one.

Honestly, there was not much we could recommend, and what we could recommend (vehicle graphics) she did not want to do until she knew what vehicle she would eventually be using.

So what did we do?

Nothing.  (actually not quite nothing. . . I bought some flowers for my wife. .  .).

I suppose we could have pushed hard that she needed us to revamp her web presence, or tell her that having it handle professionally would yield her better results blah blah blah . . .but I mean really, for a 3 or 4 person operation she was doing really great.  We thanked her for her time, left our card, and told her we would check in every once in a while in case she needed her vehicle graphics done.

The story DOES have a little bit happier ending for ABI than that  The owner ended up calling us a month later.  Her business had grown to the point that she needed a SECOND delivery van, so while the one van was still up in the air for graphics, the NEW one would need to be wrapped.
We designed a beautiful, colorful wrap (and it was cost effective as well since we did not wrap the whole thing), printed and installed it for her in a timely fashion.  She loved it.

In fact, a few months later, she called AGAIN.  The older van?  Yeah, well the new van graphics had generated so much word of mouth business that she wanted to do the older one as well, even if she ended up selling it soon.  It was worth it to her to get the old faded graphics off and replace them with the new graphics.

What caused her to change her mind?  She mentioned how a Yellow Pages person had tried to sell her a big full page ad the other day, and she realized that for the amount they wanted to charge her, she could wrap her other van.  When she really thought about it, she realized she had been getting more buzz and business from her van than from any Yellow Page ad.

So what's the point here?  We try to do what's best for the client.  If that means passing on business, that's fine.  At ABI Digital Solutions, we are all about karma.  If all we do is put out good, honest solutions for clients, then the business will come around one way or another.