Houston Rockets - Whew!

Well, the Houston Rockets season is finally underway!

ABI continues to develop and expand our roll of printing and installing for the Houston Rockets.  We really feel at this point that we have become true "partners" with the Rockets organization.  This season brought a series of new and exciting projects.

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For example, the new "Rockets Rising" theme is an obvious attempt to duplicate the excitement and drama of a Michael Bay style Cinematic Event (OK, myabe not Michael Bay. . . I'd like to think the Rockets season will have a little more meat and content than a typical Michael Bay extravaganza . . . ).

With that in mind, the organization did some really cool, "out of the box" type marketing.  For example, they went to several movie theaters in Houston and placed actual movie posters in the "Coming Soon" backlit kiosks.  They also produced full sized, 3-D "exhibits" promoting the upcoming "movie" on 10-30-2010.

Honestly, I just think the Rockets "theme" for this year is really cool.  Here's another great example:

We also did a boat load of new projects for new sponsors of the Houston Rockets, such as Jet Demand and Dr. Pepper.  Adidas also "challenged" us by sending in artwork for a complete re-working of the Rockets Teamshop . . . about 5 days before opening day.  "You guys can do that right"?

Yes.  Yes we can, and did.

To make an understatement, we were pretty busy the entire week leading up to Opening Night.  We hope you will agree that the results look great and were well worth it.  Next time you are at the Toyota Center, feel free to give us a call . . . we are at most games, because we are not just sponsors and partners of the Rockets. . . we are fans as well!