Welcome Shen Yun

Shen Yun BillboardABI has a new client that we are excited about, Shen Yun Performing Arts.

In order to restore and revive Chinese traditional culture, a group of overseas Chinese artists established Shen Yun in New York in 2006. About 90 artists embarked on Shen Yun’s tour in 2007 in the first year, including a dance troupe, an orchestra, solo singers and musicians, emcees, and production staff.

By 2009, Shen Yun had already grown to three performance troupes and orchestras of comparable size. Today, Shen Yun counts many winners of international dance and vocal competitions among its artists, and the orchestras include many musicians from world-renowned symphonies and conservatories.

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ABI Digital Solutions is proud to be helping to spread the word about these amazing performances.  We recently produced 5 billboards for the San Antonio market. You can go here to purchase tickets to their shows on May 8th and 9th.