Southern Star Van Wrap

Southern Star Van Wrap BackIt's always great to do a cool looking job for a client that you love.  Creating a fun and cook van wrap for Southern Star Brewery?  Yeah, we like that.  Click to see more about how we brought this cool project to life from scratch.

Often, jobs like this are pretty simple.  The client says what they want, you comb the internet looking for some stock photography that looks kinda like what they described, you go back and forth with a few ideas  . . . and then BAM, you have a van wrapped.

With Southern Star Brewery we wanted to go a bit further.  You see, not only is Southern Star Brewery an AMAZING brewery, they are quite frankly friends and good neighbors to ABI Digital Solutions.  We wanted to come up with something unique.

We conceptualized the idea of the three core brands (Southern Star currently packages three full time brews, the Blonde, Pale Ale, and Stout) literally swimming in an ocean of beer. We wanted delicious and REAL prints of Southern Star beer for this.

So, first we went to the brewery and took some actual product shots of Southern Star beer.  Here's a great example of the type pictures we took.  Overflowing beer.  Yum.

Southern Star Beer Pour

For the record, our team made a concerted effort to make sure that very little beer used in the beer shoot went to waste.

Next step, how to create an "Ocean" of beer?  Believe it or not, googling "Ocean of Beer" does not bring forth a plethora of great looking stock photography of waves of beer.  So, we took a rectangular clear glass bowl (I think it was formerly a flower pot) then we filled it up about halfway with some beer.  Now, here's where it gets technical: we sloshed it back and forth, and took some pictures of it.

Beer SLosh

Cool huh?

Next, our artist spent a LOT of time getting the files just the way he wanted them.  That perfect amount of "sweat" on a pint?  Yeah, it looks great . . . but rarely happens in nature.  That sort of perfection takes a little help.  Background colors, swirls, smoke, all that's added after the fact . . painstakingly.  I won't bore you with all the details, but it's a good amount of work.

Finally, we print the product and install it.  We handle almost all of our installations here in our indoor, temperature controlled facility.

Van wrap installation

So, here's the finished product!  Next time you see a Southern Star van driving around, stop them and ask for a pint.  They won't be able to give you one of course, but at least they will know you like Southern Star Beer . . . like we do.


Southern Star Van Wrap