Zombie Vehicle Wrap

Happy Halloween Everyone!  Here at ABI Digital Solutions we are celebrating by highlighting a VERY unique vehicle wrap.

This is not your fathers' vehicle wrap.  Of course, pretty much any vehicle that gets a digitally printed vinyl wrap installed on it is not your fathers' vehicle wrap, since they were hardly common even as recently as ten years ago.

Even so, when owner of Woodlands Tactical, Ron Osteman, decided to wrap his Dodge Ram 1500 he knew he wanted to make an impact that would turn heads.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Zombie Apocalypse Tactical Vehicle Wrap.

Which of course begs the question, are YOU ready for the zombie apocalypse?  Well, if you are not familiar with the latest in weapons and tactical gear available at Woodlands Tactical, you probably are not fully equipped.  We here at ABI Digital Solutions are guessing that Mr. Osteman is not fully expecting a full on zombie attack, but hey . . . if you are prepared for an army of flesh eating, undead walkers you are probably prepared for just about anything.

Ron enlisted the design help of David James at Nextwave Art and Advertising to get the exact look he wanted.  "It's sort of like that video game "Call of Duty" meets "Dawn of the Dead" said James of his striking design.  ABI Digital Solutions assisted by providing a template of the Dodge Ram so James could more accurately design around wheel wells, door handles, and other potential trouble spots.  Then, ABI Digital Solutions produced the vehicle wrap by digitally printing to 3M IJ180 adhesive vinyl, then adding a gloss lamination for extra UV protection.

Keep your eyes open, especially when driving around The Woodlands and Conroe, you might just get a reminder to "Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best"  . . . taking that maxim to a whole new level.