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Art Specs for Large Graphics

Creating Artwork for Large Format Printing: EPS Files

Artwork specifications for larger formats like vehicle wraps, billboards, wall murals, banners, window graphics and other types of larger graphics are quite different than the requirements for putting on a website, or even in a print advertisement.

In this video, we explore the benefits of using "vector" file formats such as EPS files, enabling you to enlarge your file indefinitely without losing any resolution.  Click below to see the video and read the article.

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An Introduction to ABI Digital Solutions

Vehicle wraps, billboards, banners, wall murals, window graphics and more!  This video is a little bit of a test for future videos, but we hope you enjoy this quick introduction to what ABI Digital Solutions can offer to the Houston and surrounding areas.

Advertising: Cost per Thousand

Chart: Advertising Costs Per Thousand People Reached

Today's blog is just a chart, but like a picture it is is worth a thousand words.  In fact, with this chart you would be able to figure out the cost of marketing to each of those 1,000 words!  Basically, it's an informational chart showing the cost of assorted media types in terms of cost per thousand.  Select "CPM Comparison" or the link below to see more!

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ABI Sponsors Grand Prix of Houston

ABI Digital Solutions was thrilled to participate in a press conference announcing the first sponsors of the Grand Prix of Houston.  The event brings Grand Prix racing back to Houston and will be held in October of 2013.

The announcement was made at a press conference at Reliant Stadium and featured the highlighting of nine other sponsors, announcement of when tickets will go on sale, and featured Grand Prix race driver Will Power.

"We look forward to creating outstanding banners, graphics, vehicle wraps, billboards, and other signage by working with outstanding partners like Shell and Penzoil.  Grand Prix racing has returned to Houston and we are thrilled to be a part of it" said Marketing Manager Damon Henrichs.

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ABI Receives 2012 Best of Conroe Award

Well, hooray for us!  ABI Digital Solutions has been selected in the Best of Conroe in the Graphics Arts and Related Design category by the US Commerce Association.

ABI Digital Solutions is proud to be recognized by the US Commerce Association.  "It's an honor to be recognized for the hard work we do for our clients each and every day," said Marketing Manager Damon Henrichs.  "It's always an honor to have your peers recognize you."

You can learn more about the award at the Best of Conroe link.

ABI Digital Solutions - Search On

So, if you wanted to find vehicle wraps, banners, billboards, wall murals, window graphics or pretty much any other kind of sign, you do realize we are just a click away right?  Search on.

ABI Digital Solutions - Advertisement!

Vehicle wraps, wall murals, and window graphics . . . Oh My!  It's an ABI Digital Solutions web advertisement . . . and it is guaranteed to lower your IQ from having watched it.  This is two minutes of your life you won't ever get back, so consider yourself forewarned.  What's in it?  Here's a few highlights: Giant Bunnies, Banjo Music, Shane Battier, Napoleon Dynamite, talking cars . . . get er done.