Considerations for Your Vehicle Wrap

I’m ready to pimp my Ride!  Let’s krunk this thing UP!  Let’s DO this!

Hold on Big Wrapper.  There ARE a few things to think about before you get going.  A good vehicle wrap company will help you to prevent a lot of mistakes, but the more you know before hand, the better off your wrap will be and the closer it will look to what your expectations are.

First off, you gotta have a template.  Again, a professional vehicle graphics company will have this . . . although there ARE a few vehicle brands that are not available practically anywhere, because the auto maker does not want them made (Porsche comes to mind).  If you can’t get your hands on the EXACT template of your vehicle, pick something close.  The idea here is that you are not designing in a vacuum.  You are designing your graphics on as close an approximation as you can to what the graphics will eventually be installed on.

Second, even if you have the right template, keep in mind the template is a guide.  Unless you are designing a box trailer, the surface you are designing to is three dimensional.  There’s really no way to show the curvature of the hood or door on a template.  The template is there to show you where the door handle is, where there’s a seam in the car, where the taillights are . . . basically where the trouble spots are.

The trouble spots are exactly what they sound like: places where it is going to be difficult to install with a high degree of accuracy, spots where the print will be broken up.  In short, spots that are probably not going to look exactly like what it looks like on your computer screen.

So, don’t design a logo right on top of the door handle.  Don’t put small complicated copy right over that seam.  Can I move the persons face over a couple inches to avoid having the eye where the door break is?  These are the kind of things to think about.  Again, this is three dimensional.  Think about what you are doing.  Here’s a great example of what not to do:


Vehicle Wrap Considerations, what not to do

On the flip side of that, use the car as a design element if you can.  Here’s a great example of that on a bus wrap that looks awesome:

Vehicle wrap considerations - a great example of smart design

This is a just a start of some of the things to think about.  We’ll have more on a different white paper.  Cheers and good luck wrapping your ride!