RV Wrap Makeover

When Triton Equipment and Services decided they wanted to make an impact at this years Offshore Technology Conference, they decided to go big. . . and mobile.

Triton RV - BeforeTriton RV - After

Recognizing that an RV could not only be a highly functional piece of equipment, but a tremendous marketing tool as well, Triton turned to ABI Digital Solutions for assistance.



In 2011, Triton Equipment and Services had already put some decals on to their fleet of trucks with positive feedback.  Building on that success, they decided to do a complete wrap and makeover on the used RV they purchased.

ABI Digital Solutions consulted with owner Scott Jovien on what he envisioned for his RV.  Being a Texas based oil equipment company, it was a no brainer to go with a "Texas" theme, with imagery of oil fields and the Texas flag featured prominently.  Jovien also wanted to used more "fiery" colors instead of the traditional red white and blue.

Triton RV Completed

The result was a bold, unique, and exciting makeover of what had previously been a plain, white . . . and frankly "old" looking RV.

ABI Digital Solutions produced the wrap using high quality 3M adhesive vinyl and laminate, then carefully installed inside a temperature controlled facility.

Owner Scott Jovien was thrilled with the result.  "If things go as well as well as we hope at OTC this year, we should be ordering at least one more soon!".