Vehicle Wraps - Not Just Cool Looking

Let's face it, car wraps just look pretty darn cool.  Whether you are trying to market your business with the most cost effective form of advertising on the market, or simply trying to krunk out your ride, vehicle wraps are going to make an impression.  But don't forget the side benefits of wrapping your ride . . . long term paint protection!

A vehicle wrap is certainly not going to "protect" your car against severe damage . . . unless you are talking about damage from the sun!  You know what is happening to your paint job after you apply a custom car wrap to it?  NOTHING!  And that's the point!  The layer of self adhesive vinyl that is being added to your vehicle is over 90% blockout to the suns UV rays.

In other words, you have essentially frozen in time the quality and state of your existing paint job.  Did you just buy your car and then wrap it?  Guess what . . . three years later you have a BRAND NEW PAINT JOB when you remove the vehicle wrap.  The adhesive vinyl protects your paint and does not damage it while it is on.  Then, when you remove the vehicle wrap the original paint job is revealed in all its original glory!  It's like getting a new paint job!

There are even some clients who get full or partial vehicle wraps for this purpose alone.  We have clients who have wrapped their cars in "carbon fiber" type vinyl wrap simply to protect the front bumper area from dirt and debris that kicks up from the road.  It's a cost effective, economical way to protect your car from every day road wear and tear.  And it just looks cool!  Some people are already investing in "car bras" to protect their car, but the selection is usually a choice between black and . . . . well, black.  YOUR protective covering can be customized with whatever you want, and is most likely in the same price range.