Vehicle Wraps -The Most Cost Effective Advertising

Most advertising is consensual . . . you can change the channel, turn off the radio, flip to another page . . but out of home advertising can't be avoided.  Ironically, it also happens to be the most cost effective way to reach an audience in terms of cost per thousand.  But that's only the beginning.  There is an even MORE cost effective way to advertise.  Click to see more and watch the video.

The Single Most Cost Effective Advertising You Can Use

Once upon a time there was a man, let’s call him Joe.  Just an ordinary guy with a wife, a dog and 2.5 kids.

In a typical day, Joe would wake up in the morning and watch some tv as part of his routine.  He’d go brush his teeth during the commercials, or flip to another channel when they came on.

On his way to work, Joe would listen to the radio.  He liked talk radio and had discovered that his favorite political talk and his sports radio program had different advertising schedules, so Joe could almost always flip between one and the other and be constantly entertained instead of being bombarded by radio commercials.

On this particular day, Joe was driving in to work behind a truck.  A McDonalds truck.  With a giant picture of an Egg McMuffin on the back.
A few miles later Joe was exiting off the freeway at the exit for his office . . . and on a total whim, decided to pop into the McDonalds there and grab some breakfast.

And McDonalds lived happily ever after.  
The End.

See, what just happened here is no fairy tale . . . it’s just an example of what happens hundreds, if not thousands of times a day: mobile outdoor advertising helps generate more sales for a McDonalds at an extremely attractive ROI.

Let’s analyze what happened here.

First, Joe avoided all the marketing that he did not want to see or hear that he could.  He channel surfed watching TV , or simply did something more productive as he got ready for his day.  In his car, he also channel surfed and only listened to what he wanted to.

But out of home advertising he could not avoid, not without closing his eyes, which would have been a disaster while driving to work.

See, here’s the thing, not only is out of home advertising effective in reaching people (after all, they can’t avoid seeing it!), but it is ALSO considered the most cost effective advertising in terms of reaching an audience in terms of cost per thousand.  Out of home advertising costs less than 20% that of Broadcast Television commercials, and is still HALF the cost of radio, which is its closest cost competitor.

And get this, these numbers are based on BILLBOARD advertising.

Now, why is this important?   Because the most expensive cost in billboard advertising is THE MONTHLY LEASE!
Guess what the advertising lease cost is for a McDonalds truck . . . or for any company that owns or is already leasing their vehicles?


Let me repeat that.  The cost of leasing advertising space on a vehicle you own or are leasing anyway is zero.  Your only cost is the cost of production, which in most cases is guaranteed to last for five years.  Can you see why we consider this the most cost effective advertising available?

I want to keep this episode short, so let me sum up here.  The only cost associated with advertising on your own vehicle is the cost of production.  And if you will allow me, may I suggest that ABI Digital Solutions is an excellent company to consider for your vehicle graphic needs.  We can accommodate practically any budget, from very inexpensive magnet signs, to full complete, fully custom vehicle wraps.