What Kind of Wraps Are There?

There are wraps for every budget!  A complete vehicle wrap will probably give you the highest impact, but there are lots of creative ways to make a big splash for less money.  Carefully planned, a partial wrap or cut vinyl pin striping can not only look great, but give the impression of a fully wrapped vehicle.  Be sure to check out our gallery for examples.

Your personalized car wrap might be nothing more than a carbon fiber hood and a cool "swoosh" stripe down the side, or you might opt for the complete vinyl vehicle wrap to cover your car in flames and dragons (hey man, it's YOUR wrap right?)

The point is, our graphic designers can work with you to make sure we come up with something that looks great, achieves what your goal is, and is within your budget.  Car decals can be used quite effectively when used in conjunction with the existing background of your vehicle to give the IMPRESSION of a complete wrap.

Of course, sometimes you just gotta go whole hog with a complete vehicle wrap.  For example, if you want a flat black car wrap than a complete wrap job is pretty much your only option (unless your car already happens to be matte black . . . ).