Will Wrapping the Car Damage My Paint?

On the contrary, a vehicle wrap actually PROTECTS your paint.  If you wrap a brand new vehicle and leave it on for several years, the original paint job will look like new when you remove the wrap material.

Also, the durable vinyl material will actually protect your paint from small rocks and assorted road debris that might otherwise chip or damage the original paint.  We have repeat customers who bring in their car to get re-wrapped, and there is frequently quite a bit of "road damage" that has been inflicted on the vinyl by small pebbles and such.  That's damage that COULD have been done to the PAINT, but was instead absorbed by the protective vinyl covering.  Essentially, the custom graphic acts similar to a custom fitted "bra" that you often see on the front of sports cars.  Of course, a plain black "bra" looks like it was bought at Walmart.  YOUR custom created graphic could look like you bought yours at Victoria Secret.

That said, partial wraps are not as effective at protecting the paint, since it is protecting some parts of your paint job more than the unwrapped portions.  If a partial covering is on your car for enough time, there will start to be very subtle differences in color between the protect (covered) portion and the non covered portions.

Be sure to ask your sales consultant at ABI Digital Solutions for assistance in getting the wrap that is right for you!