Floor Graphics - Shiner Supports the Troops

Shiner Floor GraphicsWhen Gambrinus (the parent company of Shiner Beer) asked ABI Digital Solutions to produce 1,500 floor graphic pieces without even mentioning beer, we got a little curious. 

Shiner beer has a long history of supporting the troops.  When they heard about a grassroots program called Boot Campaign to support the troops, they jumped in  . . . with both feet so to speak.

Basically, for every boot sold by the boot campaign, a part of the proceeds went to a wounded warrior project.  So the Shiner Brewery decided to buy a pair of boots . . for every employee.  That's eighty eight pairs of boots.  Nice.

Now, they have asked for ABI Digital Solutions assistance in creating some floor graphics to enlist YOUR help as well.  Basically, you can text your support of $5.00 by texting "TOAST" to 27722.  What a great way to get involved!

Our floor graphics are produced on a textured, non skid material that is safe and convenient.  Look for them nationwide . . . and be sure to text in your support for the troops!

You can learn more about the project by Clicking "About the Toast our Troops Campaign"