Window graphics: Inside or outside the window?

There are options for both.  Static cling window graphics can go on the outside OR the inside of the window, as can the double sided window graphics.  The perforated window film needs to be installed to the exterior.

Of course, we ALSO have window graphics that are double sided and blockout . . . so it would not matter which side of the window you put it on, since they could be seen wither way!

Keep in mind on perforated window film, you are basically dealing with an optical illusion.  It's not unlike painted scrim material used on theater sets.  When they backlight it you see one image, and then when they change to front light a different image is seen.  Same principle, which is why window perforation is almost always meant to be seen from the outside.  It's best viewed from the side of the window that gets the most light, which is almost always daylight.  By the same token, at a location that might be open at night time, the window graphic becomes practically invisible from the exterior when the interior house lights are turned on.  Science.

Also, a lot of non-perforated window graphics are best installed wet, such as large static clings.  Installing these dry almost always leads to large amounts of air bubbles.  Feel free to ask us about our installation services!