What about backlit billboards?

Sure!  We double strike our backlit vinyls for maximum color intensity and use a special light diffusing vinyl so that your backlit billboard will look amazing!

We actually offer multiple pricing options on our backlit billboards.  Traditional backlit vinyls are printed with extra ink for increased ink saturation.  This prevents the lights behind the image from making the image look "faded".

Of course, the problem with this is that during the day when the backlights are not turned on, the image can look OVERLY saturated.  This can be a real problem, especially with flesh tones.

ABI Digital Solutions has two solutions to this probem.  First, we can create a "hybrid" backlit print.  This is color managed to try and split the difference in terms of saturation.  The hopes are to reach a "Goldilocs" not too saturated during the day and not too washed out at night compromise.

The best solutions is our double sided backlit print option.  We print the front of the billboard as we would a regular billboard or banner.  In other words, no extra saturation.  Then, on the BACK of the billboard we print the image again (at about 40% of the original image).  This means that when the lights are turned on, the light shines through all that extra ink creating the increased saturation that you want in a backlit sign.