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How do I install it?

Any wallpaper installer worth their salt should have no problem installing our wallpaper wall covering.  Self adhesive vinyl or window perf graphics might require a more specific installer, such as someone who does vehicle wraps.  Of course, ABI Digital Solutions can handle the project for you turn-key so you don’t have to worry about that . . .

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Fun with Window Graphics

Window perforation is pretty cool.  From one side, you see a brilliant, digitally printed image.  From the other side you see, well . . . nothing.

In Houston, window graphics have the additional benefit of helping to block out some of that brutal summer sun!  From the inside, window perforation actually looks a little like a tinted window.

Click here to see the video!

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Custom Wall Murals

ABI Digital Solutions produces exciting, full color, fully customized digitally printed wall murals for you. Office spaces, custom "man cave" walls, children's rooms . . . anything you want. What do you want on YOUR ABI Digital Solutions Custom Wall Mural?

Carpet: Can I use it for something other than a Tradeshow?

We don’t recommend it.  We produce the graphics with digital printing, not di-sublimation, so the ink is durable enough for short term use but would probably be disappointing for longer term applications such as carpeting your office or a welcome mat.