Banner Stands

ABI Digital Solutions offers a wide variety of banner stands to get your message out at your tradeshow, event, retail location, or any space that you need to effectively get your brand or message noticed.

“Tango” Banner Stands

Our Tango banner stand is a pullup banner stand that provides style and convenience at an effective cost pullup style banner stand means you can unload, place and setup your banner stand in a matter of seconds.  Our brushed aluminum banner stand has a wide base so that it is capable of standing upright without the use of unattractive swivel out legs for support.  With a graphic size of 31.5” wide by  83” tall, there is plenty of room to get your message across in style.  Unlike many of our competitors, our standard banner stand material is a durable, poly material that is specifically designed not to curl over time.  This takes care of the unsightly curl that that can occur along the edge o your banner stand when using less effective, cheap materials.  We also offer our banner stands with a cloth material option which in addition to being curl-resistant, has a great matte look.  It’s amazing the difference a cloth banner stand makes to get your message across with impact.  Our Tango style banner stands of course come with a durable, padded carrying case for easy travel convenience.  

X-Banner Stands

While not as convenient as a pullup banner stand, X style banner stands look great and are highly effective signs for those on a budget.  The X banner stand is 27.5” wide by 71” high, slightly smaller than the Tango style stand, but still plenty of room to be effective.  The X banner stand operates by having a banner with a grommet in each corner of the banner, which then has poles bent behind the banner in an “X” formation attaching to the grommets and self tension the banner.  A nice feature of the X style banner stand is that it comes standard to be either single sided OR double sided at no additional cost for the hardware.  Simply purchase a second banner to attach on the back side.  The X style banner stand also comes with a cloth carrying case to easily transport to and from your display location.  While the X banner stand might take a few minutes longer to setup than the Tango banner stand, it is a highly effective sign solution and very cost effective.  X banner stands use a smooth, blockout vinyl for the image (no need to worry about curling with the X banner stand because of the way all four corners are tensioned).  We also offer cloth options for a more elegant look.

Other Banner Stands

ABI Digital Solutions works with a hardware developer to provide a wide array of banner stand and tradeshow options to fit your specific need.  Reach out to an ABI Digital Solutions representative today to get started with your custom banner stand solution.