Double Sided Pole BannersABI Digital Solutions offers superior banner products with near photographic print quality.  Our digital print process enables us to print nearly any design that you can come up with, producing most of our products at a resolution of 1200 dpi apparent resolution or better.  Banner printing has come a long way since ABI Digital Solutions began to digitally print banners in 1993.  Our original printers produced banners at 9 dpi and considered to be state of the art at the time.  

Our online design center allows you to create your banner masterpiece from scratch, selecting your own fonts, customizing your background, even uploading your own pictures or art.  In just minutes you can create the perfect banner for your business, family event, party and more.  

Our standard banner material is a 13 oz. vinyl with a black backing.  The black backing acts as an effective “block out” which prevents being able to see any images behind the banner.  Our standard vinyl is also full of tear resistant scrim, ensuring a banner that is guaranteed to last at least 12 months in normal outdoor conditions with proper finishing.



Standard finishing options are:


Metal “eyelets” pierce the banner material and enable you to hang your banner on hooks, tie with rope, or zip tie to a fence among other things.  This is a great option if you are not sure exactly how your banner will need to be installed.


Using a heat welder, we seam a pocket (typically 4” on the top and bottom) of your banner.  Pockets are a very clean looking finish whereby you can insert piping into the pockets, and then suspend your banner from the pipe.  This allows for even distribution of the banner weight for a slick, professional look.

Finished edge

Essentially a hem creating a one inch fold over of the material which gives a strengthened edge and makes your banner look “finished”.  This is often used in conjunction with grommets, to lend strength to the grommets in your banner so they are more difficult to pull out.

Weldable Webbing

This is for banners that will be outdoors for a longer period of time.  Webbing is a “seatbelt” like material that is extremely tear resistant.  By using weldable webbing with your grommets, you create an edge that won’t rip, barring an act of God like a hurricane or severe wind storm.

Custom Finishing

Other more unusual custom finishing options are available such as D-Rings, Velcro, sewing, rope sewn into pockets, and more.  

Double Sided Banners

There are a couple of different options for producing your double sided banners.  The best practice for double sided outdoor pole banners may not be the same best practice as a double sided directional sign at a tradeshow.  Ask your ABI Digital Solutions representative to assist you in choosing the best solution for the banner you are ordering!

All of our printers use UV protective inks that are capable of withstanding outdoor conditions for at least a year . . . guaranteed.  We pride ourselves in using high quality and durable inks that will give you a high quality banner that will last a very long time.