ABI Digital Solutions is one of only a handful of companies that have been digitally printing billboards for over 20 years.  We put that experience to use every day to make sure you get rich and vibrant colors produced on durable vinyl built to last against the elements at a reasonable price.

Our inks are custom formulated to bring your digital file to life with brilliant, vibrant colors.  We take great pride in color profiles for each material that ensure reds are deep, flesh tones are realistic, and all colors match your proof.  All of our inks are UV protected inks so enabling your billboard print to last outdoors for at least a year without significant fading.  Guaranteed.

Our machines are capable of using both UV curable inks and solvent inks so we can match your project to the machine best suited to produce your file.  This allows us to even closely match so called “difficult” colors like orange and green.    

Our standard billboard vinyl is an 7.7 ounce scrim PVC vinyl with nylon scrim reinforcement.  This is significantly lighter than what used to be an industry standard 13 oz. vinyl.  That is because over the years the vinyl manufacturers have moved toward using less and less PVC while actually adding a little more scrim.  In this way, the material has become lighter while maintaining its high strength and durability.  This allows ABI Digital Solutions to guarantee the strength of our vinyl for at least a year against tearing (barring acts of God like a Hurricane).*

Many billboard digital printers have moved toward using a polyethylene (PE) material that is even lighter than our PVC billboard material.  ABI Digital Solutions uses PE vinyl exclusively for one, eight, and 30 sheet billboard structures that are designed for very short term use.  Our experience with PE has been that it is not durable enough to use for longer term billboards, and it is basically useless for rotary campaigns as it tears relatively easily and simply cannot be depended on for multiple hangings without falling apart.  

ABI Digital Solutions can also produce backlit billboards.  This 18 oz. vinyl is specially designed to allow just the right amount of light through the vinyl to produce bright colors when lit.  We then double strike the billboard with extra ink so that your graphic does not look washed out when the billboard is fully back lighted.

Our 5 meter machines (16’ 4”) are the widest printers available in the world to produce your billboard.  The enormous size of our printers ensures that practically all sizes can be produced without a seam.  For exceptionally large billboards (like 20’x60’s) our heat seamed welds are durable and guaranteed to last at least a year without tearing.  Guaranteed.  Because our seams are heat air welded from the inside of the vinyl, they are less noticeable than comparable seams like RF welders which weld the vinyl by heating the exterior of the vinyl which can discolor the ink slightly.

Take advantage of our 20 plus years of industry experience.  Over this time we have found the best inks to use, the best materials to use, and put together a customer service team that is second to none in the industry with industry knowledge.  

*  Billboard Warranty

ABI offers a one-year pro-rated warranty on all billboard vinyl sales.  Such warranty shall cover the failure of ink or vinyl under normal circumstances, normal wear and tear excepted.  The terms and conditions of the warranty are as follows:

  1. Failure in under 6 months – Full Replacement
  2. Failure in months 6 – 12, as follows:
    1. 6 to 7-month failure – 80% discount on price to replace
    2. 7 to 8-month failure – 60% discount on price to replace
    3. 8 to 9-month failure – 40% discount on price to replace
    4. 9 to 10-month failure – 30% discount on price to replace
    5. 10 to 11-month failure – 20% discount on price to replace
    6. 11 to 12-month failure – 10% discount on price to replace
  3. Warranty starts on delivery date of purchased billboard.
  4. Warranty on replacement prints start at original purchase date.
  5. Extreme weather, vandalism or any other unforeseen forces of nature will void the warranty.
  6. Warranty does not cover a new billboard design. The warranty will cover an exact reprint of original vinyl.  Any art changes may accrue additional charges.
  7. Warranty does not cover installation or any lost advertising revenue.