Flags and Swoopers

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the average consumer needs to be exposed to a marketing message NINE TIMES before making a decision to buy.  That’s the beauty of additional on premise signage like flags, swoopers, or sidewalk style signs.  They reinforce your brand or marketing message that extra time.

At ABI Digital Solutions we have a variety of sign solutions to enhance your standard on premise sign.  These simple yet powerful tools can enhance signs that you have, or be used to promote specials, sales, announcements, and promotions.


Whether you put up basic “red, white and blue” flags, or opt for a more elaborate custom message, flags draw attention to your store.  First, flags are in addition to a standard “on premise” sign you probably already have.  Second, flags are not static as most signs are.  They blow in the wind and naturally draw attention to themselves via their movement.  Third, they are designed as double sided signs utilizing brilliant color no matter which way you look at them.


Basically giant flags!  Swoopers come in a variety of styles and sizes: standard, tear drop and feather ranging in height from 10 feet up to 20 feet!  A sure fire way to garner attention to your store location. We make our swoopers hardware from galvanized metal, much stronger than some of our competitors products made from plastic.  

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs come in a variety of sizes and options but all have one thing in common: they offer an easy, convenient way for you to display graphics at your store front with graphic messages that can be easily changed out.  Sandwich board style “A-Frame” signs are popular, but there are also several options that have more elaborate methods of not blowing over in high wind situations.  Talk to an ABI Digital Solutions representative about the Sidewalk Sign solution to best fir your needs.

We produce our flags and swoopers using a di-sublimation print process to ensure bright, brilliant colors.  Depending on the application and material, the image can bleed through to the 2nd side of your sign, producing a double sided sign out of one piece of material (though, obviously the 2nd side is reversed).  We also have the option to produce on two separate pieces of material and dew together with a  blocker in between for a “true” double sided sign, with independent messages on each side.

As with all digitally produced fabrics, all of our fabric materials are some type of polyester or synthetic fabric, although many varieties can give a faux cotton look or be made to look like other non polyester fabrics.  For outdoor use, you can expect your polyester materials to last for around 6 months to a full year before they start to degrade.  As with all of our digital print products, we produce our signs using UV protective ink to ensure long lasting color on your signs.

Contact an ABI Digital Solutions Representative today to discuss what signs would work in front of your store front!