Floor Drops

Floor drops are produced primarily for the Color Guard, Winter Guard, and Percussion competitions.  Often massive in scale (50’x80’ is a not uncommon size), this fits perfectly into the ABI Digital Solutions production wheel house.

 Our floor drops are made of 13 ounce matte vinyl.  All of our floor drops (both custom floor drops and blank floor drops ) are fire retardant and rated for use in practically all facilities.  Our 13 oz. matte vinyl is heavier than the vinyl we use for our billboards which means the vinyl lays more flat on the ground.  For the color guard team, this means it is easier to march and perform on our floor drops without constant wrinkles being created as you perform.

Our floor drops are digitally produced, so they are completely customizable for your Color Guard, Winter Guard, or Percussion performance needs.  We work with you and your art files to ensure your colors match as closely as possible to your routine look and feel.  

Also, inks used in digital production are MUCH lighter than painting by hand.  The overall weight of your floor drop should be significantly lighter than obtaining and hand painting your own floor drop (not to mention a lot easier to have us produce it for you than to paint it yourself!).

That said, ABI Digital Solution is capable of producing custom sized floor drop blanks for you to hand paint yourself.  We use the same 13 oz. vinyl for the advantages listed above.  Also, on both our custom floor drops and floor drop blanks our vinyl has a black back side to it.  This effectively acts as a blockout layer to anything that might be on the floor (nothing on the floor beneath the floor drop with bleed through).  

Our digital printers use UV protective inks which ensure your image to easily last a full season and beyond.  These are the same inks we use to produce billboards for outdoor use that is guaranteed against fading in harsh outdoor conditions for 12 months, so part time indoor use is a cinch.  

Also, unlike painting your own floor drop, the inks we use are highly scuff and scratch resistant.  Repeated use, folding and of course marching on your ABI Digital Solutions custom produced floor drop should easily last your whole season.  We do recommend socks, soft dance shoes, non colored bottom tennis shoes etc. for use on the floor drop for the best avoidance of scuffing.

Care and maintenance of your digitally printed custom floor drop could not be easier.   Simply soft fold your floor drop, being careful not to have “ink on ink” in your folding method.  Ink side against ink side can cause issues, as ink will stick to itself, especially in very warm conditions.  Ink will not stick to blank or the back side of vinyl (at least not enough to cause it to come off).  For storage, we recommend a temperature controlled area. 

For more information, visit our website dedicated to floor drops and other props and products geared toward Color Guard, Winter Guard, and percussion at Winter Guard Tarps.

Call your ABI Digital Solutions representative today to learn more about how we can help you create an amazing floor drop for your color guard, winter guard or percussion performances!