Rigid Signs

With our UV Digital Flatbed Printer, ABI Digital Solutions is able to print directly to a variety of rigid substrates to suit your signage needs.  Our UV inks are formulated to resist fading against in outdoor conditions, and should last for at least a year outdoors without significant fading.  For additional protection, a UV protective lamination layer can also be added, extending the effective life of your sign in outdoor conditions to over 2 years.  Indoor conditions for your sign ought to be even longer.  Our lamination comes in both matte and glossy options.

In addition, our UV Digital Printer has the capability to print using white ink.  This means that we are able to reproduce brilliant, high resolution images produced on clear materials.  Most printers print to white substrates, utilizing the white background as their “white”.  In other words, when they try to print to a clear substrate, any place that ought to be white is actually see through, and that can create significant color challenges.  Our white ink process allows us to print to plexiglass, acrylic, clear window static clings and more and still produce your images the way you envision. 

Also, ABI Digital Solutions has a custom digital router/cutter allowing us to custom shape your rigid sign to any shape you want.  Whether it is something simple like having rounded corners for your sign, or more complex like cutting to the outline of a person, ABI Digital Solutions is ready and able to meet your expectations.

Here are just a few of the materials we are capable of printing to and custom shaping:

Foam Board

Is paper mounted on to a foam core.  Ideally it is used as a rigid poster, signage, directional signs etc.  Because it is a paper based product, we do not recommend this for outdoor use, and it can warp over a fairly short period of time.  For longer indoor use we would recommend Gator Board.

Gator Board

Very similar to foam board in all respects, except the foam material in between the paper is much more rigid.  Much less likely to bend or warp over time.

PVC Board

Commonly referred to by “sintra board” (one of its more well known brand names), PVC board is a plastic PVC rigid composite material that is great for indoor and outdoor use.  Available in a variety of thickness’s (most commonly 3 mil. or 6 mil.) it is also available in a variety of colors.  Caution should be used in outdoor use.  While the material is safe from water elements, it can warp over time in extreme sunlight areas.


We can print direct to aluminum, perfect for signs that will be outdoors and need to last a long time.  Our router is still capable of routing the aluminum into custom shapes as well.  Aluminum sheets are quite thin (typically .012” or less).  For applications requiring thicker materials with the same benefits of metal sheeting we recommend di-bond.


Dibond is an aluminum composite material (ACM) made of two pre-painted sheets of .012" aluminum with a solid polyethylene core.  Di bond comes in a variety of thickness, but is typically 3 mil.  Less than half the weight of comparable aluminum, dibond is a great sign material solution.


(Often known by it’s common brand name Plexiglass) is a transparent thermoplastic, often used as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. Although it is not technically a type of glass, the substance has sometimes historically been called acrylic glass.  Perfect for backlit signs, special effects where you would want part signage and part clear, or point of purchase signs, acrylic comes in a variety of thickness options.  

There are many, many more materials that our UV Digital Press is capable of printing on (we have even experimented printing on rock).  Contact your AB Digital Solutions representative today to go over your custom rigid substrate project today.