Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps or fleet graphics are arguably the single most cost effective advertising tool you can use to market your company.  Whether you need car decals, a complete vehicle wrap, door magnets, a partial vehicle wrap, rear window graphics or anything in between, ABI Digital Solutions has the experience and expertise to make your vehicle look awesome (or your RV wrap, boat wrap, truck wrap, 4 wheel wrap, golf cart wrap . . . )

Studies have shown that on a cost per thousand basis (CPM, in other words the amount of money you spend in order to have your message reach 1,000 people) outdoor advertising is by far the most cost effective medium around.  TV commercials and magazine spots have CPM’s literally 4-6 times higher than outdoor advertising.  But, even outdoor advertising has a cost each month: the lease that you pay in order to advertise on the billboard space.  That’s the beautiful thing about advertising with vehicle graphics, the lease is free!  (or you are going to be paying it anyway).  It does not get any more cost effective than that!  (click here for more information on cost advantages of outdoor advertising)

We use a database of literally hundreds of vehicle make and model templates to layout your design so you can visualize exactly what your wrap will look like before we go to press.  Or, if you have your own design we use these templates to make sure your design will still look great on your particular vehicle.

We produce our vehicle graphics products exclusively with 3M materials so that your vehicle wrap is guaranteed by3M to last a long time (depending on the type of graphics you are getting your warranty may vary).  

All of our production is handled in house so you can be sure your design turns out exactly as you envisioned.  Our digital printers produce graphics at an amazing 1,440 dots per square inch using a six color print process to get near photographic levels of resolution.  All of our inks are UV protective to resist the fading effects that sunlight has on non protective inks.  In addition, we add an additional laminate layer to your graphics after the print process is complete to create a 2nd layer of UV protection.  This laminate layer typically has a “glossy” finish to give your graphics “pop”, but we can use a matte lamination on request.  

We also can handle the installation of your graphics or decals, making the entire process turnkey for you.  Installing vehicle graphics is an art.  Our professional and experienced installers are masters of their craft.  We will see your wrap through this important final step to ensure that your vehicle looks great for years to come.

Keep in mind, ABI Digital Solutions has vehicle graphics options to fit any and every financial budget.  While a complete wrap can certainly look impressive, a well thought out partial wrap can still be very powerful, as well as a cost effective solution for you.  

Give ABI Digital Solutions a call today and talk to a Solutions Representative about getting your message on the road today!