Wall Murals

Custom, digitally printed wall graphics can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.   A custom wall mural for an accent wall, a custom printed and cut to shape of your corporate logo, or a custom printed pattern for your entire office complex . . . ABI Digital Solutions has the capability to design, print, and install your custom wall graphics.





Custom Wall Murals

Take the guess work out of getting a custom wall mural.  A hand painted wall mural is nice, but a digitally printed custom wall mural ensures that you get exactly what you order.  You even get to see a proof of what your mural will look like before we print.  Perfect for a retail store looking to add some flair, or for a homeowner looking to add that killer finishing touch to their man cave.  Custom wall murals look great.

Custom Wall Patterns

Nobody likes going to the wallpaper store and flipping for hours through sample books only to settle on something that “sort of” looks like what they had in mind.  Make sure you get the perfect pattern AND the perfect colors by custom creating your wall pattern to match your location.  For the business trying to make their facility extra cool, why not incorporate your logo into the wall pattern?  How cool is that?

Custom Shapes

No need to cover the whole wall.  Putting a big circle with your corporate logo, a custom chair runner, or heck a life size picture of your mother in-law (whatever floats your boat) the options are endless.  


Vinyl Wallpaper

Our custom printed wallpapers are Commercial Grade, Type I or II, vinyl wall coverings that are fire retardant for extra safety.  Basically the same as regular wallpaper you could buy from the store, except printed with your custom personal design or corporate logo.  This material goes on with standard wallpaper glue, however we do recommend a professional installation.  ABI Digital Solutions would be happy to assist you. For additional flexibility, there are even different textures of wallpaper.  This allows you to match the perfect texture to your mural for added impact.

Removable Vinyl Wall Covering

A low-tac adhesive is the backer to this material, making it easy to install, remove, and reposition without causing damage most wall surfaces.  Our removable wall covering goes on so easily that a lay person can handle it themselves.  Our removable wall covering material actually looks more like an adhesive fabric. 

Custom Wall Mounts

We can even produce images to rigid substrates such as plexiglass, foam board, metal or gator board to be mounted on your wall with a variety of great looking spacers.  These wall mounts can be custom designed and cut to fit your needs.  This gives an added dimension to your space and looks great.  

ABI Digital Solutions offers custom wall graphic solutions to fit everyone’s budget.  Give your ABI Digital Solutions Representative a call TODAY to get started.