Custom Project Consulting

ABI Digital Solutions is capable of handling a wide variety of print products: billboards, banners, window graphics, wall murals, flags, swoopers, tradeshow graphics, and even custom projects.  The print industry is introducing new products on practically a daily basis.  So, if you have an area that needs a little extra attention, something more elaborate than simply throwing up a banner, give your ABI Digital Solutions representative a call today to discuss what your needs are and let us assist you in getting your project off the ground.  Here are a few examples of some new products you may not have heard of before.

Chalkboard Adhesive Vinyl

With our custom chalkboard adhesive vinyl material you can take a smooth surface and transform it into your very own chalkboard.  The material works and functions like an actual chalkboard, you write in chalk and simply wipe off with an eraser or with a damp rag to get extra clean.  The material comes in 54” widths, but can also be paneled with slight overlap on installation to give you an unlimited size or an entire wall for example.  Or, you could simply use as an accent area on an existing sign or wall space.

Magnetic Signage

ABI Digital Solutions magnetic signs go way beyond simple car magnets and the like.  We offer custom magnetic sign solutions that turn your sign into a potential multiple layered sign that is easily changeable.  Perfect for menu boards and the like.  There are a couple of different options in how your sign area is setup (for example, placing a magnetic material as the “base” of your sign and then printing to metallic material that adheres to the magnetic material, or painting on a metal “base” for your sign and then printing to magnetic materials).  Whichever method you use, you can place up to 4 layers of material on top of each other.  This gives you tremendous flexibility in changing pricing, adding a special, highlighting a product, or even changing the whole look and feel of your sign without having to replace the entire sign.

Multiple Layers

ABI Digital Solutions often creates signs with multiple layers to give a three dimensional look and feel to the graphic.  This can be achieved in a number of ways.  For example, stacking thick printed layers (1/2” for example) on top of each other with strategic, custom routing of the materials creates a lot of dimensionality in a hurry.  Also, we can use “spacers” to elevate a part or all of an image from what is behind it (a wall, or another part of the sign).  For additional effect, some of the layers can be printed on to clear plexiglass  so that some layers are solid while others are clear.  The possibilities are endless.

There are many, many more options on how to create the perfect sign for YOUR space and application.  Call your ABI Digital Solutions representative to day and get started on creating the perfect sign for your space.